Jonathan Marshall

Jonathan Marshall has earned his reputation as one of the worlds leading display falconers over the last 30 years. He has provided falconry shows at some of the largest outdoor events in the UK. He has worked on many film and television projects which have featured his unique work that includes hang gliding with Golden Eagles and skydiving with Peregrine falcons.

Not content with just flying birds of prey, Jonathan introduced dancing Spanish horses into his display and trained both birds and horses to work together. The falcons chase a swung lure at over 100 mph while the horses perform high schooled dressage moves such as Piaffe, passage and Spanish walk. The carefully choreographed duel is performed to beautiful music and takes on a balletic flavour. Costume and showmanship make this a display like no other and was recently featured on BBC1′s Countryfile and then repeated on their ‘best of ‘ edition.

Jonathan is continually looking to push boundaries and explore new possibilities with trained birds of prey and is currently working on filming projects whereby the mini cameras are mounted on the birds as they push flight to its limit. This gives an on board view and allows us to study birds of prey’s hunting tactics in detail which have never been seen before in such detail.