Falconry Experience

Jonathan’s lifelong passion for falcons is as strong today as at any time over the past 40 years. His depth of knowledge and understanding of these creatures is unmatched.

“I have the pleasure of sharing my passion with thousands of people over my career and it gives me enormous satisfaction when I see peoples reaction as they witness the speed, power and ultimate grace of my falcons. I am very lucky to be located in beautiful Cornwall with stunning sea cliffs offering breathtaking views of the coast where wild Peregrine falcons live and thrive. My trained falcons get to revel in this beautiful place every day and you can see them express pure joy as they fly free. No words could adequately describe this experience. It is utterly beautiful and unforgettable”.

“I offer guests the opportunity to enjoy this first hand with me. It is a very hands on and one to one experience for people who want to be part of something very special”.

Experiences are run throughout the year and make a wonderful birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift.

Gift vouchers are available for £150 per person.

To book email the address below:


Or call:  07866748977